China Visa Types

Cellphone Rental

Why Rent a China Cell Phone?

  • Your US cell phone either does not work in China or has extremely high roaming charges

  • One week FREE China cell phone rental

  • Guaranteed lowest airtime rates

  • Know your phone number before departure

  • Keep in touch with family and business 24/7

  • Easy pick-up and drop-off at any location in China

  • Last minute order not a problem

Rental Procedure

1Choose delivery option

  • Receive China cell phone rental before departure
  • Pick up phone upon arrival at any location in China (not available in Hong Kong)

2Choose return option

  • Drop off phone at any location in China (not available in Hong Kong)
  • Mail phone to Pandaphone’s US address upon return

3Place Your Order

Fill out the Order Form online and fax it to 1-732-412-4040.

4Stay connected throughout trip

First week of cell phone rental is FREE ($2 each additional day)
Round-trip shipping $20 (add $10 for delivery to US)

Airtime rates:

$0.29 per minute on domestic and incoming calls
$0.59 per minute on calls to USA