Chinese Passport & Travel Document


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How to apply?
1. Prepare all required documents (See complete list above in Chinese)


2. Make online appointment with Chinese Embassy/Consulate within your jurisdiction.


3. Apply in person at the Chinese Embassy/Consulate and get a pick-up slip.


4. Drop off or mail the pick-up slip and our Order Form at our local office


5. CVSC will pick up and FedEx your passport to you as soon as it's ready.

Service Fees
Per shipping address $59.00   

Fees are exclusive of all other service fees, government fees and shipping fees


If you have any questions, please call CVSC customer service at 1-800-799-6560.


Need Assistance?

Our team is at your service to help you with your passport and visa issues, or to answer any related questions


You can also find answers to frequently asked questions on our FAQ page