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"Thank you very much for the great news on the visa situation... Your service was extremely prompt, wonderfully efficient and very reassuring..."

- Professor L. Loren

"I've said it before more than once, but just wanted to write to reaffirm - You Folks ROCK... You've got me so well trained now that getting a visa seems like I'm passing my passport along to a trusted friend to keep safe for a couple of days..."

- M. Haslip

"Because of your kind consideration and speedy processing, you allowed us the chance of a lifetime in a trip to China and Korea when we had lost all hope of being able to go..."

- E. Barkley

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Sample Invitation Letter for Business Visa
(Text only. Must be on inviting company's official letterhead.)

To the Chinese Consulate:

We would like to invite the following individual to visit China for business purposes:

Name (as appeared in passport): John Smith
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 1980-01-01
Nationality: US Citizen
Passport Number: 1234567

Mr. Smith is the General Manager of ABC Company. During the visit, he will
(Explain the Business Activities to Be Undertaken). Mr. Smith will arrive in
(Arrival City) on (Arrival Date) and remain for approximately (Number of
Days). He will visit the cities of (Names of all cities to visit) and leave
China on (Departure Date). Since Mr. Smith is expected to make several trips
to China in the near future, we would appreciate it if you could issue him a
multiple entry business visa.

(Explain the relationship between Chinese company and US company, or the
inviter and the invited.)

Mr. Smith's company will be financially responsible for his visit, including
round-trip international airfare, room and board and other travel expenses.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.


(Name and Signature of inviter)

(Inviter's Job Title)

(Inviter's address)

(Inviter's direct phone number and email address)

(Inviting company's official seal)


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