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"Thank you very much for the great news on the visa situation... Your service was extremely prompt, wonderfully efficient and very reassuring..."

- Professor L. Loren

"I've said it before more than once, but just wanted to write to reaffirm - You Folks ROCK... You've got me so well trained now that getting a visa seems like I'm passing my passport along to a trusted friend to keep safe for a couple of days..."

- M. Haslip

"Because of your kind consideration and speedy processing, you allowed us the chance of a lifetime in a trip to China and Korea when we had lost all hope of being able to go..."

- E. Barkley

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China Tourist Visa


 1  Your Passport


You must send your actual passport, which must have at least 8 months of validity remaining and at least two blank visa pages.

Note: The last three pages on the US passport are amendment and endorsement pages. They cannot be used for visa stamp. If your passport doesn't meet the requirement, click here to see our passport services.

If you are ethnic Chinese, a minor, or a non-US citizen, you must also meet these Special Requirements.

 2  Photocopy of Passport

You must provide a CLEAR copy of the information page of your passport in addition to your original passport.

 3  China Visa Application Form

Click here to download application form, which must be completely filled, signed and dated. One form per applicant. Do not leave any areas blank but instead write "N/A" if you don't have answer to a question, or if the question does not apply to you.

For help completing your application form, please view our Sample Pre-filled application - Download PDF.

Important Reminder: Hand-written application forms ARE NOT accepted by Chinese Embassy/Consulates. You must TYPE your answers in our fillable pdf form.

 4  Photograph
One color 2x2 photo, with a plain background, taken by a professional passport photo service, such as Walgreen, CVS, Kinkos, etc. Photos printed on regular papers are not accepted.
 5  Proof of Residency (for Los Angeles Consulate only)
Applicants residing within Southern California, New Mexico, Arizona and Hawaii must provide a copy of their driver's license or state issued ID card. For under-aged applicants who do not have a Driver's License please check special requirements.
 6  Occupation Description (For Houston Consulate only)
Applicants residing within AL, AR, FL, GA, LA, OK, MS, and TX must provide a brief occupation/company description. Please download and complete this form. Briefly describe what type of work you do and give a short company description. This form is not required for students, homemakers, retired, unemployed persons and children. It may be typed or hand-written.
 7  Supporting Documents

You must provide one of the following documents for a tourist visa.
A) Photocopy of round-trip airline reservation AND hotel reservation; OR
B) Invitation Letter for Tourist Group issued by a Duly Authorized Tourism Unit; OR
C) Invitation Letter issued by Chinese companies, corporations, institutions and individuals. If the invitation is issued by an individual, a photocopy of that person's Chinese ID is required. For a non-Chinese inviter, please include copy of their passport (main info. page) and China resident permit.

Invitation letter issued by companies, corporations, institutions or individuals in China shall include the following items: (A) Personal information of applicant: name, gender, date of birth, passport number, etc. (B) Information concerning applicant's visit: purpose of visit, date of arrival and departure, places to visit, relationship between the applicant and the inviter, and who will bear the cost of the applicant's accommodations in China. (C) Information of inviter: name of the unit or individual, phone number, address, and if applicable, seal and signature of the legal representative.

You can click here for a Sample Invitation Letter. (The format of this letter is not accepted in Chicago or Houston. Applicants in these two jurisdictions must provide their own invitation letter containing all the elements included in this sample letter.)

Invitation letter can be submitted as a photocopy. However, original invitation and/or personal interview may be requested at visa officer's discretion.

Important Reminder: The Chinese Embassy and Consulates randomly check the authenticity of applicants' invitation letters by contacting the inviting party in China. When that happens, your application will be delayed, or denied if the letter is not authentic.

 8  Our Order Form

Click Here to apply online and follow the steps to fill out the China Visa Service Center order form. You will receive payment and mailing instructions when completing the form. After submitting your order, the system will indicate where to mail your materials.

 9  Processing Fees:


Service Consular Fee** Service Fee FedEx Shipping Processing Time
Regular $140 $99 $29 6+ business days
Express $140 $149 $29 4-6 business days
Rush* $160 $199 $29 2-3 business days
Emergency* $170 $259 $29 24 hours

* Rush and Emergency services are not available in all offices. Please call for instruction.

** For non-US passport and rates details, please click here.


1、Processing time means the time it takes for the Chinese Consulate to process your visa. Please allow extra time for shipping and handling.

2、Send all documents in a secure way (FedEx, UPS, Express Mail or Certified Mail) to a designated China Visa Service Center office.

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