The Lantern Festival
Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Taking place on February 8th, the Lantern Festival marks the end of the Spring Festival, also called the Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year. +

Jingjiang Prince's City
Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Guilin is most famous for its amazing karst landscape of unusually shaped mountains interlaced in rivers, as featured by our recent blog post “Ride the River”. However, there is also a very important landmark from Chinese history located in Guilin which your typical traveler isn’t aware of. It was as important to the Chinese people of the past as the famous Forbidden City in Beijing, and was considered as its southern counterpart. This landmark is known as the Jingjiang Prince’s City located in central Guilin and is described as a “city within a city”. (We will refer to Jingjiang Prince’s City simply as “Prince’s City” for the remainder of the article.) Emperors, kings, and princes alike all lived in this complex over the hundreds of years it was in royal use.  +