Chen Clan Ancestral Hall, a former academic temple

Monday, September 16, 2019
Chen Clan Ancestral Hall, a former academic temple


The Chen Clan Ancestral Hall, located in central Guangzhuo, was built in 1894 during the Qing Dynasty. It embodies the style of traditional Chinese architecture and should be on your bucket list when visiting Guangzhuo.


Chen Clan Ancestral Hall

This landmark is a complex of 19 buildings and was built using the ancient concepts of Feng Shui in its design. The original purpose was to create an academy for the family members of the 72 Chen Clans to train and accommodate their youth for the imperial examinations, an examination system in Imperial China that selected candidates for the state bureaucracy. It also served as a temple dedicated to the ancestors of the Chen Clans. Today the hall now houses the Guangdong Folk Art Museum and is open to the public.


As mentioned before, the Chen Clan Ancestral Hall was built in 1894 however the look and feel of the complex is that of something much older, almost ancient. This is because the architects employed all the traditional building techniques of the pasts and the artists masterfully carved nearly every surface you encounter. There are historical figures carved into the walls and roof lines. There are scenes and landscapes carved as well and most carvings are painted in bright colors. The complex itself is a work of art but don't forget that the hall also houses a folk art museum.


Carved scene on Chen Clan Hall building


The museum has numerous works from many different artists who lived throughout Southern China. In this collection you will find ivory carving, wood carving, painting, pottery, and beautiful pieces made of Chinese gold lacquer. You will also see authentic Canton-style furniture throughout the complex as well.


carved boat

Once you have sufficiently explored the Chen Clan grounds to your liking, take a rest in the courtyard and have a cup of tea or visit the souvenir shop.


The ticket price is 10 RMB so this is an inexpensive attraction to check out and easy to reach by subway. Just take the metro line 1 and exit at the Chen Clan Ancestral Hall stop. Once you have finished your visit there are plenty of shopping areas and restaurants within walking distance. Want to visit the Chen Clan Ancestral Hall? Start planning your trip by checking out the requirements for China's tourist visa here.


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