Crew Visa

*** Personal appearance at Chinese Embassy may be required for fingerprinting. Please call for details.

The China crew visa is issued to people arriving as crew on international planes, ships or trains. This process should be completed via your employer. You will need a letter of guarantee issued by the foreign transport company or the invitation letter issued by the relevant entity from China.

Please gather, prepare, and send the following documents

1. Your Passport

You must send your actual passport, which must have at least 8 months of validity remaining and at least two blank visa pages.
Note: The last three pages on the US passport are amendment and endorsement pages. They cannot be used for visa stamp. If your passport doesn't meet the requirement, click here to see our passport services.
+If you are a non-US citizen, ethnically Chinese, or a minor you must also meet these Special Requirements.

2. Photocopy of Passport

You must provide a CLEAR copy of the information page of your passport in addition to your original passport.

3. China Visa Application Form

China visa applications must be completely filled, signed and dated. One form per applicant. Do not leave any areas blank but instead type "N/A" if you don't have an answer to a question, or it does not apply to you.  Print the form out single-sided pages.  REMEMBER to sign your application on the 4th page with blue or black pen.

Select your region or state to download the application

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Hand-written applications are NOT accepted by Chinese Embassy/Consulate. TYPE your answers in our fill-able PDF form using Adobe reader. If your application form is not typed, CVSC can type it for a service fee of $25 AND your application will be delayed by 1-2 business days.  For help completing your application form, please view our Sample Pre-filled application.

4. Photograph

Attention applicant: the Chinese embassy has issued strict requirements for passport photos. Your application will not be accepted if these requirements are not met.

One passport type photo, against an all-white background, taken by a professional passport photo service. You may print out the requirement and bring it to the photographer for reference. 

OR use our Digital Photo Service for a fast and easy alternative. Take your photo from your home or office using your own camera.  Upload the photo to CVSC and we will take care of the rest to ensure your photo meets the consular requirements. Choose this service when completing your online order form and photo upload instructions will be provided.   

5. Proof of Residency

All applicants must provide a copy of their driver's license or state issued ID card. Under-aged applicants who do not have a Driver's License can submit parent's driver's license instead, along with a copy of the birth certificate.  Images of the front and back side of the ID are required.

6. Job Description (Houston Consulate only)

Applicants residing within AL, AR, FL, GA, LA, OK, MS, Puerto Rico, and TX who are currently employed or attend college in the USA must complete the “Job Description” form. Please download and complete this form. Please type your answers on the fill-able PDF document.

7. Business Letter

A letter from the airline to the Chinese Consulate stating your purpose of visit is required for the China crew visa.

8. Crew Identification

Photocopy of your crew badge. The Los Angeles consulate requires original crew badge AND original business letter for the Chinese C visa. If you are going for any type of work other than international transportation you will need to apply for a China work visa.

9. Our Order Form

Our Team is at your Service. To place your order please email or call us at 1-800-799-6560 to get started, we are partnered with CIBT Visas at this time to support you.